Business Profile

Automobile components, medical equipment, optical instruments…
Matsuno manufactures metal dies for plastic injection molding of a broad range of products atits state of the art plants.

The scope of our expertise ranges from mass production of metal dies for plastic injection molding for a variety of industrial sectors and categories to prototypes and molding, even moving beyond dies and molds to other applications, including our everyday mobile phones and optical instruments and medical equipment which require required a high level of reliability, to mention but a few. Matsuno’s dies and molds technology can be found in every aspect of our lifestyles and businesses. Even so, our field of business continues to expand limitlessly, backed by manufacture of high precision metallic parts.

Our Products

We take orders for dies for prototype and mass production, forming, and manufacture of metallic parts.

Our dies are used in a variety of product categories, including automobile components, medical equipment, and optical instruments. From two color molded products to magnesium dies, we take orders which require a broad range of molding technology.
In addition to metal dies for mass production, we flexibly meet diverse orders, such as those for efficient, affordable prototype studies of dies, molding services from small lots to mass production, and processing and manufacturing of metallic parts with precision down to five microns.

● Auto mobile compornents ● Medical equipment
● Optical instruments ● Two color molded products
● Magnesium dies ● Desital cameras
● Cosmetic cases and bottles

Plants and Equipment

Running for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our plants are able to meet any customer demand with state of the art equipment.

Matsuno covers the entire domestic market at its production bases in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Kansai, and Kyushu. There, we have installed state-of-the-art equipment for each phase from design to molding, including a flow analysis MPI system, Makino’s five-axis machining equipment D500, three-axis machining equipment V33, and electric discharge machine EDGE2. Together with our own information technology systems, such as MOLD720h, which enables automated operations around the clock all year long, we are able to respond to any customer demand.

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